NAG1 – National Advisory Group Meeting on Batteries


25/04/2019/ National Advisory Group Meetings/ TUBITAK, Headquarters

The 1st Advisory Group Meeting will be dedicated to Battery Flagship and Related Battery Calls. The meeting aims to network organizations involved in developing and implementing new battery technologies in Turkey and relevant initiatives in the EU. Batteries development are in growing demand due to the development of smart and green transport. Turkey has strong potential in development and manufacturing, and new developments in Turkey should be streamlined with EU priorities in the area. Therefore, the meeting aims to stimulate the involvement of Turkish organizations in EU initiatives and, in particular, in Horizon2020 and future Horizon Europe. The purpose is to create a platform for exchanging views on how to increase the success of Turkey on European Framework Programmes. International experts/ invited speakers will help the group members better understand the new objectives and vision of the programme and how Turkey could optimize its participation in it. In that context, the important objective is also to raise the interest of EU partners in cooperation with Turkish organizations. Raising the battery research and development higher on the research agenda of Turkish Research and Innovation policy is also the potential outcome of the meeting.