ISV2 - R&D Days International Study Visit to Brussels, Belgium


23-25 Sept, 2019/ International Study Visit/ Brussels, Belgium

The second visit will be organized to the Research and Innovation Days, Brussels, Belgium, one of the most important events organized by DG RTD. The overall aim of the R&I Days is to help build strategic priorities for the first four years of the implementation of Horizon Europe (2021-2027). The 2019 European Research and innovation Days have provided opportunities for stakeholders to come together, deepen the dialogue and work across sectors and disciplines to help plan Horizon Europe.

The purpose of the visit is to enable networking and facilitate communication between European Commission, TARAL and the project regarding the new Framework Programme: Horizon Europe.

This visit will be arranged along with other Key Experts from the “Turkey in Horizon 2020” team and TÜBİTAK personnel at the suggestion of TÜBİTAK and with the approval of the MoIT. These organizations will see the event as providing essential input into the project to inform the transition into the next Framework Programme, ‘Horizon Europe.’

The effective duration of the visit is 3 days (without travel days).

The visit will take place at the premises of Kanal — Centre Pompidou, Quai des Péniches, Akenkaai, Brussels, and Tour et Taxis, Avenue du Port, Havenlaan 86C, Brussels.