“Cities of the Future 2017” Brokerage Event


Thursday 26 - Friday 27th October 2017/ / Brussels

“Cities of the Future 2017”
International Brokerage Event
Steigenberger Wiltcher’s , Brussels, Belgium
26-27 October 2017

Organized by the “Turkey In Horizon 2020” project and TUBITAK National Coordination Office for EU Framework Programmes.

The “Cities of the Future 2017” Brokerage Event will be held in Brussels on the 26 and 27th of October 2017 and will bring together up to 400 researchers, industry professionals, government officials and policy makers from Europe and Turkey

The event will target the following H2020 topics:

  • “Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities” and “Energy Efficient Buildings”
  • “Circular Economy (SPIRE, Raw Materials and Water)
  • “Mobility for Growth,” “Automated Road Transport” and “The European Green Vehicles Initiative”
  • “Smart Energy Systems and Consumers”

“Cities of the Future 2017” is meant as a wider concept that encompasses cities’ overall energy and resource efficiency with profound economic, social and environmental impacts, resulting in a better quality of life. In this context ‘Green Vehicles’ play an essential role, as well as further advances in ‘Factories of the Future’ or ‘Sustainable Process Industries’, for increased resource efficiency, new markets, and new job.

This event provides a unique opportunity to connect not only with Turkish and European researchers but also with highly qualified research-performing SMEs, making this event an excellent platform to expand networks and create new partnerships for the upcoming calls in Horizon 2020.

You must register to the event and book your B2B meetings through our system: https://cof2017.b2match.io.

All participants are strongly encouraged to present their organisations and project ideas at the workshops. You can download the PresentationTemplate_CoF2017 and sent it back to us in CoF2017@turkeyinH2020.eu.

Our project will reimburse travel expenses (air tickets) and accommodation for a (limited) number of participants from Turkey and EU Member States and Associated Countries.

Reimbursement Rules

If you are a researcher, academic, industry professional or policy expert coming from either the public or private sector (including SMEs) from Turkey, an EU Member State or Associated Country, we may be able to reimburse you for your travel to Brussels and your accommodation. If you are interested you have to provide a meaningful Cooperation Profile indicating your proposal idea in the topic areas of the event and the role you want to play, coordinator or partner. This profile is the basis of our decision to accept your attendance at the event.
If you want to be reimbursed (travel and hotel) you have to complete a simple presentation template based on your “Cooperation Profile” and submit that to us before October 10.
Please note that the objective of the event is to establish new partnership for proposals in the upcoming H2020 calls. In order to be eligible for reimbursement you must outline a concrete proposal idea which fits with the overall aim of this call and this must of course be reflected in your Cooperation Profile. As full details of the Work Programme may only be available for a short time before the event, the final choice of presentation invitees will depend on those which are judged to have the closest ‘fit’ with the finalised topic list.
1.    If you have not done it yet, complete your profile in this web site.
2.    Download and complete PresentationTemplate_CoF2017.
3.    Send it back to: cof2017@turkeyinH2020.eu.
4.    Your presentation will be reviewed and you will be informed through e-mail if you are eligible for reimbursement.
5.    Please note that once you are approved for reimbursements you need to sent to us your invoices. You should follow the instructions on CoF 2017 Reimbursement Rules and use the CoF Reimbursement Form.

For participants from Turkish Institutions Only

In addition to the general reimbursement rules stated above, Turkish participants should apply to the H2020 Travel Support under “TUBITAK Horizon2020 Supports and Awards” Programme in order to be reimbursed. For more information please click here.The travel support applications will be collected and evaluated after 1st of September 2017. If your profile is not activated by the system, your travel support application will automatically be rejected.