Foundations We Are Working With


International Development Ireland (IDI) was established in 1989 by the Irish Government and privatised in 1996. IDI is an Irish-based reputable consultancy firm focused on providing wide–range world-class implementation services to transition economies in its core areas of expertise, i.e. Innovation Management, Technology Transfer, Research and Development, SME Competitiveness, Export Promotion and Foreign Direct Investment Attraction. IDI capitalises on the lessons from the Irish economic experience and draws its expertise from world-renowned Irish agencies: Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Higher Education Authority, IDA Ireland and other Irish state bodies. IDI has successfully completed over 260 Technical Assistance projects in 80 countries internationally to date. http://www.idi.ie/


Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) is a well-established Austrian trans-disciplinary research institute from Austria, founded as a registered Non-Profit Organisation in 1990. ZSI is one of the most successful non-university research organisations in Europe in terms of participation in several EU programmes, in particular the 7th EU Framework Programme and Horizon 2020. ZSI specialises in Social Innovation, ICT, National, Regional and European Research, Technology Development & Innovation Policies, Societal Challenges, Technology Enhanced Learning, Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities. https://www.zsi.at/


European Business Innovation Centres Network (EBN) was set up in 1984 as a joint initiative of the European Commission, European industry leaders and the first pioneering Business and Innovation Centres with the aim of stimulating the growth of new enterprises by providing technical support to innovative start-ups, spin-offs, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. EBN is a network of over 160+ quality certified Business and Innovation Centres (BICs) and has in excess of 100 associate members which support the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs. http://ebn.be/


Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI) is an international consultancy firm with offices in Europe, USA, China and Singapore. SPI was created in 1997 as an active centre of national and international networks connected to the innovation sector and has an excellent understanding of public and private sectors of how clients can position themselves to foster innovation, be competitive and create prosperity. SPI possesses a wide network of contacts with numerous R&D and innovation actors in Europe and beyond (China, Singapore, US) and specialises in mapping of research and innovation systems, development of strategies and policy dialogue, dissemination, training and multi-stakeholder dialogue. http://www.spi.pt/


G & G Consulting (G&G) was established in 1992 and is one of the most experienced consulting firms in Turkey. Over the years, G&G has accumulated a wide range of experience in implementing complex international donor funded projects of varying magnitudes. G&G specialises in stakeholder consultations and analysis required throughout the project implementation, needs assessment studies, review of administrative systems, structures and mechanisms in Turkey at national, regional and local levels, conducting desk researches, interviews, undertaking organisation and logistic support for all project events, including workshops, seminars, conferences and focus groups. http://www.ggcons.com/