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19 Feb 2020

The fourth in a series of 20 National Advisory Group Meetings was successfully staged at the Bogazici University, Istanbul on 18th February. The event attracted more than 150 participants ranging from academia, micro-businesses to larger enterprises, all of which are representing sector of electronic components and systems.

18 Feb 2020

A group of 15 researchers and officials visited The Centre for Research & Technology, Hellas - CERTH, last week (10-14 February). The visit focused on HEALTH thematic area and covered in ICT, Robotics and AI in HEALTH sector, Digital Transformation in Health and Care and Innovations in health.

4 Feb 2020

The 4th ISV to Germany covered German institution in 3 cities: Kaiserslautern, Stuttgart and Munich: DFKI, Fraunhofer IPA and Hahn-Schickard Institution and Fraunhofer EMFT. The focus of the visit was the H2020 ICT thematic area. The visit took place between Jan 27 - 31 and was concluded with excellent results.

24 Jan 2020

The third in a series of 6 project writing training camps for SMEs was successfully staged at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Şişli, Istanbul on 24th January. The event attracted 22 participants ranging from microbusinesses to larger enterprises, all of which were in the process of developing proposals for submission to the European Commission.

22 Jan 2020

The third in a series of 6 training events for Information Multipliers was successfully staged at the Limak Ambassadore Hotel in Ankara on 21st and 22nd January. The event attracted 85 participants (Information Multipliers) covering the entire innovation ecosystem of Turkey.

17 Dec 2019

A very fruitful visit to Vienna, hosted by ZSI and focused on Social Sciences was concluded last week (10-12 Dec 2019). Representatives from important Turkish academic institutions visited Vienna and had constructive talks and meetings with ZSI, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Austrian Science Fund (FWF), University of Vienna (UniVie) and Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).

10 Dec 2019

The third in a series of 9 webinars for SMEs was successfully transmitted at 10:00 on 10th December 2019. The 2-hour event attracted 60 participants from a variety of companies and institutions.

11 Nov 2019

Our 2nd Brokerage Event on the Cross Thematic Areas of transport, energy, environment, ICT and Nanotechnologies under the umbrella concept of “Cities of the Future 2019 (CoF 2019)” was concluded with great success. This event gave the unique opportunity to researchers from Turkey to connect with their European counterparts and pursuit collaborations and partnerships for new projects.