TNA1 - Training Needs Analysis on IMS Workshop


18 Mar 2019/ General Trainings/ Limak Ambassadore Hotel, Ankara

A survey of IMS training needs has been undertaken by our project, in association with TÜBİTAK. The survey was completed on 13th March. The resulting data will be reviewed, then a full analysis and report – the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Evaluation & Report on IMS – will subsequently be prepared by our team.

The principal aim of this workshop is to present the TNA findings, then discuss them with invited IMS. Since new IMs are expected to join the IMs Community, the plan is to spend some time also for knowing each other during the sessions but also during the breaks.  Also the IMS platform on ims.turkeyinh2020.eu will be presented and participants will be asked to update or complete their profile on the spot as well as suggest any further functionalities for improvement.  Also IMs from phase I will be invited to present their experiences as IMs in the project and highlight any lessons learned.

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