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We are here to support Turkish public and private organisations, industry and SMEs to maximise their benefits from Horizon 2020, the European Union programme for Research & Development.

Turkey has an excellent opportunity to increase the participation of its SMEs, foster innovation and bring together researchers and entrepreneurs from Europe and Turkey. The project offers workshops & training, consultancy services, legal, financial and IPR support for Horizon 2020 proposals through a helpdesk, evaluation services plus collaboration and communication tools for networking with the Information Multipliers!


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New YouTube Channel with General Training Videos
Wednesday, 3rd May 2017



One of the most important services our project team offers is a number of training sessions focusing on specific audiences and experiences. Our aim is to provide the core information and knowledge transfer H2020 project development, with special focus on increasing numbers of successful applicants, and the number of projects where Turkey acts as the coordinator.


Under this activity, our team of Experts will offer one-to-one consultance visits to 100 carefully selected SMEs. Our team has two main targets: to increase the number of SMEs applying for H2020 and the success rate of these SME applications. A written roadmap will be prepared for each evaluated SME, identifying innovative potential, specific opportunity areas for H2020 participation.


The project will provide the necessary financial support for researchers to complement the training and consultancy actions that will improve awareness, information, knowledge and specific skills for successful H2020 project applications. Activities include the organisation of International Brokerage Events in both Turkey and Brussels, B2B matching tools.


In order to support organisations in all the above activities and enhance their capabilities in H2020, the project has created this website that will be used as a communication tool for all researchers seeking help from our team. Information Multipliers can also benefit from some collaboration and reference features that will only be available to them.


Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Watch our training videos recorded during our General Training events on Horizon 2020.

4 April 2017, Tuesday

A new brochure for Intellectual Property Rights in Horizon 2020 proposals is available in English and Turkish. We hope you'll find it interesting.

9 March 2017, Thursday

An Innovative Turkish SME has just been awarded a major €2m EU grant under the ‘Turkey in Horizon 2020’ programme.

3 March 2017, Friday

A key feature of the Turkey in Horizon 2020 programme is a series of one-to-one consultancy visits made by one of our Key Experts to high-technology Turkish companies who could benefit from the Horizon 2020 programme.



Maritime and Marine Technologies for a new Era 1. Introduction 1.1 Objectives of the ERA-NET Cofund The overall goal of the ERA-NET Cofund MarTERA is to strengthen the European Research Area (ERA) in maritime and marine technologies as well as Blue Growth. The ERA-NET Cofund MarTERA is a network of 18 ministries, authorities and funding organisations responsible for funding research and i ...

Deadline Mar 31, 2017
65 Days Remaining

I. BACKGROUND The first call 2015 of the JPI More Years Better Lives dealt with extending working life and its interaction with health, wellbeing and beyond. It supported research on the drivers to, and constraints on, extending working life. The second call 2016 supported research oriented in improving our understanding of how different approaches to welfare secure the quality of life, distrib ...

Deadline Apr 3, 2017
68 Days Remaining

Comparison of prevention, control and intervention strategies for AMR infections through multidisciplinary studies, including One Health approaches 1. Aim of the call Specific challenge: In order to protect and prolong the usefulness of existing antimicrobials, increasing cross-sectoral efforts are needed to rationalize their use and misuse in human and animal health and food production s ...

Deadline Mar 21, 2017
55 Days Remaining