//Response of EC to COVID-19 Pandemic!//

European Commission has introduced a new European Research Area (ERA) corona platform for information on related research & innovation! You can follow all latest developments there.

//New publications on the EIC Accelerator – a first for Turkey!//

The Turkey in Horizon 2020 Phase II project has produced a leaflet giving a basic outline of Accelerator and a 24 page Guide which sets out the objectives, requirements and processes involved in more detail. We believe the Guide is the first publication to draw together detailed information for SMEs interested in applying. The English versions of the Guide and the leaflet may be obtained from our Helpdesk page. Versions in Turkish will be available soon.

// Download our Intellectual Property and Legal & Financial Guides for Turkish Participants! Available in English and Turkish.//




One of the most important services our project team offers is a number of training sessions focusing on specific audiences and experiences. Our aim is to provide the core information and knowledge transfer H2020 project development, with special focus on increasing numbers of successful applicants, and the number of projects where Turkey acts as the coordinator.


Under this activity, our team of Experts will offer one-to-one consultance visits to 100 carefully selected SMEs. Our team has two main targets: to increase the number of SMEs applying for H2020 and the success rate of these SME applications. A written roadmap will be prepared for each evaluated SME, identifying innovative potential, specific opportunity areas for H2020 participation.


The project will provide the necessary financial support for researchers to complement the training and consultancy actions that will improve awareness, information, knowledge and specific skills for successful H2020 project applications. Activities include the organisation of International Brokerage Events in both Turkey and Brussels, B2B matching tools.


In order to support organisations in all the above activities and enhance their capabilities in H2020, the project has created this website that will be used as a communication tool for all researchers seeking help from our team. Information Multipliers can also benefit from some collaboration and reference features that will only be available to them.



Within the scope of the "The Turkey in Horizon 2020 Phase II” Project, "2nd IMS Webinar on Horizon Europe" was orchestrated by TUBITAK on September 21, 2020, with more than 70 attendees.


Let's shape the future together

European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond. This year, it is a fully virtual event.


As part of "Turkey in Horizon 2020" project, we have organised the fourth in a series of free webinars for SMEs who want to find out more about the support and funding available under the European Commission’s ‘Accelerator’ (SME Instrument) programme.


A General Training Webinar on Green Deal was organized under the “Turkey in Horizon 2020 Phase II” project that attracted over 460 participants.



Jointly funded by the Turkish Government and The European Union, the ‘Turkey in Horizon 2020 Phase II’ project offers a wide range of training support for the innovation ecosystem and the supporting infrastructure in Turkey. A webinar for Information Multipliers dedicated to Horizon Europe will be conducted on 21 September 2020 under "Turkey in Horizon 2020 Phase II "Technical Assistance Project which is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and implemented by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology within the scope of Competitive Sectors of Programme.


28th September 2020; Webinars for SMEs – Webinar 5; ‘Question and Answer Workshop ahead of 07/10/20 Accelerator Submission Deadline ’ Many questions arise as an EC submission deadline approaches. This webinar is timed ahead of the last Horizon 2020 Accelerator cut-off on 7th October so that SMEs can raise their questions – no matter how complicated or simple – with TUBITAK and international SME Instrument experts. They will try to help participants to interpret the EC requirements set out in the Accelerator submission guidance notes and associated annexes.


As part of this programme, we are pleased to announce the fourth in series of 6 one-day Project Writing Camps. These events are normally staged as live events at venues across Turkey, but due to ongoing restrictions on international travel and public gatherings this event will be held on-line.


Webinars for SMEs – Webinar 4; ‘Accelerator Financial Issues’ This webinar was postponed from 25th March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. SMEs often experience difficulties in interpreting the EC requirements for financial details in Annex 4 of Accelerator proposals. This webinar - the fourth in a series of 9 – will use the experience of international speakers to focus on these issues. Coverage of the ‘Blended Finance’ option available in Accelerator bids will also be included. The webinars are aimed at SMEs who are new to the Accelerator programme, but they are also of interest to those who have already had some involvement.